Function: CANopen master station and CAN free protocol communication
Communication baudrate: Support 10K~1Mbps
Electrical isolation: Power supply, communication circuit are separated from external,
                                      Isolation voltage is max. 2500VAC/1 min.
Signal indication:Separated LED indicates power, working status, communication status.
Module width: 50mm

  • Specification of CANopen master station
    – Adopt CAN2.0 standard. Comply with standard CANopen protocol DS301 V4.2.0;
    – Support NMT(Network management), and as NMT master;
    – support up to 72 CANopen slave stations. Users could configurate boot-up by KincoBuilder;
    – Support PDO: each slave station support up to 8 TPDOs and 8 RPTOs; Up to 256
    TPDOs and 256 RPDOs in total;
    – Support client-end CANopen message, provide SDO read,
    write: SDO instructions support standard accelerated transfer mode;
    – Support preset emergency message, node protection, heartbeat message;
    – With perfect network error handling function.
  • Specification of CAN free protocol communication
    – Support CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B standard;
    – Support standard communication baudrate up to 10K~1Mbps;
    – Provide CAN_Write, CAN_Read, CAN_Rx and so on free communication instructions.
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