K6 Series PLC

Standard 10/100M Ethernet port, support TCP/UDP and other rich network protocols, up to 16 clients;

Support BD board, expand CAN bus or serial port, etc., more convenient and economical;

Standard multi-channel high-speed pulse input and output, can connect 14 expansion modules;

Using a new MCU platform, it has faster processing speed and supports rich software functions such as arrays and stacks.


Kinco-K6 series PLC is a small PLC product. It is a high-performance standard PLC launched by Kinco. It adopts a brand-new technology platform. Under the premise of ensuring high performance and high reliability, it provides Ethernet, CAN bus, and expansion module. BD board and other functions that are closer to user needs, and have obvious advantages such as faster running speed, larger storage space, and significantly improved performance, which can meet the diverse needs of users.

■ Features


• Ethernet

• Expansion Unit

• Faster calculation speed and more powerful functions

• CAN bus interface

• High-speed pulse counter and high-speed pulse output

• Compatible with K5 series PLC


• Standard 10/100M Ethernet port,support TCP Server,TCP Client,UDP and other communication protocols,support Modbus TCP Client/Server industrial bus protocol,easy to use and powerful,suitable for application requirements in more occasions.

Expansion Unit

• Support expansion BD board and expansion module.

The expansion modules are rich in types and have a large number of points. The K6 series CPU can connect up to 14 expansion modules to form a larger-scale control system.

The expansion BD(Basic Unit Expansion Board) provides a small number of IO channels and communication ports, which can be directly plugged into the CPU module for use. Compared with the expansion module module, the BD board has fewer points but lower cost, which can further enrich the functions of the CPU module.

Faster calculation speed and more powerful functions

• The scan cycle of 1000 common instructions is 0.3ms, which provides 8K instructions of program storage space and 20K bytes (V area + M area) of data storage space.Support the array function, support up to 16 arrays, each array allows up to 1024 elements (the elements can be any data type supported by KPLC). Users can use the array function to find the maximum value, minimum value, average value, sorting and other functions.Support stack function, support up to 2 stacks, each stack allows up to 1024 elements (element can be any data type supported by K6PLC). Users can use the stack function to achieve the corresponding requirements, and can also use the stack to further expand the data storage space.

CAN bus interface

• K606 can add 1 CAN bus interface through BD board.The CAN interface supports the CANOpen master station function, allowing a maximum of 64 slave stations to be connected, and each slave station allows a maximum of 8 TPDO and 8 RPDO, and supports error control methods such as node protection and heartbeat.The CAN interface supports the Kinco motion control protocol and provides easy-to-use positioning control commands. Users can easily connect Kinco’s servo and stepper drives through the CAN bus. The Kinco motion control protocol supports up to 16 nodes.

High-speed pulse counter and high-speed pulse output

• K606 provides 4 high-speed pulse counters that support multiple modes of counting, the highest counting frequency of HSC0 and HSC1 is 200KHz, and the highest counting frequency of HSC2 and HSC3 is single-phase 6KHz and double-phase 2KHz.K606 provides 4 high-speed pulse output channels, the highest output frequency of channel 0-2 is 200KHz, and the highest output frequency of channel 3 is 10KHz. All channels support PTO (pulse train, pulse + direction) and PWM (pulse width modulation) output, and the software provides PLS (PWM or PTO), positioning control instruction group, PFLO_F (follow instruction),etc.

Compatible with K5 series PLC

• K6 series PLCs are fully compatible with K5 functions: IO channels and power supply connections are completely consistent; K5 programs can be run directly; K5 series expansion modules can be directly connected.

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