Kinco Automation is a private company dedicated in the development and production of automation products and solutions. Kinco has developed full line of HMI products, AC servo drivers and motors, stepper drivers, PLC and field bus products. Since its founding in 1996, Kinco has become a leading supplier of machine automation solutions in China.

Kinco has built five R&D facilities in China and Germany. Kinco is making its best to develop first-rate automation products, helping customers build better machines at more competitive cost.

  • HMI

    HMI (30)

    Human Machine Interface Control your system easliy and conveniently from a centralized location. Our HMIs, or industrial touch screen panels, provide a user-friendly graphical interface through which operators can control even the most complex applications for a single point – including remotely – with muliple screens running several routines simultaneously.
  • PLC

    PLC (65)

    The K2 Series are small and integrated PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) designed to optimize performance, reliability, and functionality while minimizing cost! The K2 series CPU modules feature 6 -10 sinking or sourcing inputs, 4 high speed counters, 3 high speed pulse outputs, and a micro USB programming port. The K5 series is a cost-effective micro integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)…