The K2 Series are small and integrated PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) designed to optimize performance, reliability, and functionality while minimizing cost! The K2 series CPU modules feature 6 -10 sinking or sourcing inputs, 4 high speed counters, 3 high speed pulse outputs, and a micro USB programming port.

The K5 series is a cost-effective micro integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) equipped with diverse functions for high performance. The PLC provides special I/O functions (high-speed counters and PTO/PWM output), CANopen master, multiple RS485 ports, integrated analog input and output channels, and more. Equipped with diverse expansion modules, Kinco-K5 is capable of meeting the requirements of small devices and process control.

All Kinco PLCs use FREE, easy-to-use Kinco Builder Software, available to download from the table below!

  • K2 Series PLC

    K2 Series PLC (7)

    Product Features: K2 series PLC is cost-effective product (without expansion). K2 is based on K5, but K2 has better performance and lower cost, K2 is product with high cost-performance rate. Main Features: · Micro USB for programming and power supplier. · DIO technic for more applications. · 4 high speed counters,3 high speed output. · 2*RS485, max. baudrate 115.2kbps. ·…
  • K5 Series PLC

    K5 Series PLC (32)

    K5 series, as upgraded products of K3 series, close to market, provide diverse functions and higher performance, is a kind of cost-effective micro integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Kinco-K5 CPU provides special I/O functions (high-speed counter, PTO/PWM output), CANopen master, multiple RS485 ports, integrated analog input and output channels and so on. Equiped with diverse extension modules, Kinco-K5 PLC is…
  • K6 Series PLC

    K6 Series PLC (10)

    K6 Series PLC Standard 10/100M Ethernet port, support TCP/UDP and other rich network protocols, up to 16 clients; Support BD board, expand CAN bus or serial port, etc., more convenient and economical; Standard multi-channel high-speed pulse input and output, can connect 14 expansion modules; Using a new MCU platform, it has faster processing speed and supports rich software functions such…
  • KS Series PLC

    KS Series PLC (10)

    Overview Kinco KS series PLCs are small type PLCs, slim shape and high performance. Based on the rich functions, high performance and high reliability of K5/K2 series, KS series adopts adopts higher performance CPU, and also provides on-board CAN bus interface, high-performance high-speed input and output. Compact design saves installation space. Rich expansion modules can meet multiple application needs. Mean…
  • KW Series PLC

    KW Series PLC (3)

    Overview Kinco KW series PLC is a kind of Small integrated PLC, wireless products for intelligent manufacturing. KW Series PLC in the continuation of the K5, K2 series of rich functions, high performance and high reliability of the premise, the use of higher performance CPU. It also provides functions closer to users' needs, such as built-in Ethernet interface, MicroUSB,high performance…
  • MK Series HMI-PLC

    MK Series HMI-PLC (3)

    MK Series HMI-PLC Kinco MK integrated M-IoT  HMI and PLC series Industrial-grade design, high-performance CPU, application of the new DTools software technology platform for programming the HMI; Provides remote download, pass through PLC communication over the network, VNC remote monitoring, equipment management functions; Standard Ethernet interface, support for USB storage expansion, to facilitate users to connect more peripherals; Support a…