Kinco KS series PLCs are small type PLCs, slim shape and high
Based on the rich functions, high performance and high reliability
of K5/K2 series, KS series adopts adopts higher performance CPU,
and also provides on-board CAN bus interface, high-performance
high-speed input and output. Compact design saves installation
space. Rich expansion modules can meet multiple application

Mean features:

· Small size, save space
Thin and small size, width is less than 25mm, can be installed in very small electrical cabinet.

· Higher computing speed
Based on latest MCU platform, the scanning cycle for 1000 instructions is 0.25ms.

· CANopen port
The KS105C1 CPU module provides a CAN interface ,which Support Kinco Motion control instruction、
CANopen master、 slave and free protocol.
KS105C2/KS101M CPU module provides 1 CAN ,which Support Kinco Motion control instruction、
CANopen master and free protocol.1*expansion port( also be CAN interface at the same time,
support CAN free communication).

· 4 high speed counters
4 high speed counters, Max. 200KHz.
Each counter supports up to 32 PV values, and 32 “CV=PV”interrupts.
Counter support multiple modes, such as single-phase, dual-phase (Up/Down),AB phase
(1 multiplication and 4 multiplication). Users can setup by [HSC Wizard] in KincoBuilder.

· 4 high speed pulse output channels
All 4 high speed pulse output channels support PTO and PWM output. 3 channels support Max.
200 KHz(load resistor less than 1.5kohn), 1 channel supports Max. 10 KHz.
Software provides PLS(PWM or PTO), Position control instruction set, PFLO_F(following instruction)
for simple motion control application.

· Serial communication port
1*RS232(PORT 0),1*RS485( PORT 1),Max. baudrate 115.2K.
PORT0 can work as programming port, Modbus RTU slave and support free protocol.
PORT1 can work as programming port, Modbus master/slave, and support free protocol.

· Expansion module as Modbus slave
Expansion modules RS485 port can be used as Modbus slave.