Power supply DC24VDC20.4VDC28.8V
Built-in /O points 12 I/O, 8*DI, 4*DIO
Expansion module Up to 14 KS series expansion modules
High-speed input 4, support single phase and AB phase, Max. : 200KHz
High-speed output 2, support pulse + direction, Max. : 200KHz.
                                       (The resistor of load must be less than 1.5KΩ)
Wired communication port 1*MicroUSB(Programming port), 1*RS232, 1*RS485,
                                                       1 CAN(Can be used as an extended port)
Wireless communication port 1*LoRa, communication frequency band 2.4GHz
Wireless transmission rate 0.59 – 1300Kbps
Wireless transmission distance The visible communication distance is greater than 1 km
(clear weather, no obstruction, antenna gain 3dBi, antenna height 2 meters)
Real-time clock Yes, deviation less than 5 min/month at 25
Installation size(mm) 100*84.5*25.4mm (L×W×H)
Memory area User program memory–Max 4K steps;
                             User data memory–M area 1KBV area 4KB;
                             Data backup characteristic–E2PROM, 448 bytes;
                             Data retention characteristic–V area 1K bytesVB0-VB1023.                                                     C area (C0-C64).
                             Lithium battery, 3 years at normal temperature
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