• Supply Voltage 24 ~ 50V DC
  • Over Voltage Protection Above 85VDC
  • Low Voltage Protection Below 15VDC
  • Cooling Method (Cooling by Air)
  • Operation Temperature 0° ~ +40° C
  • Operating Humidity 85% RH
    (No-Condensing or Water Drops)
  • Weight 0.25Kg
  • Protection Level IP20
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The 2CM560 Series Stepper Driver provides improved dynamic drive performance. This series drive accepts 24~50VDC input, with up to 6 Amps per phase, and provides users with a step resolution of up to 25,600 steps per revolution. As an additional feature, this drive provides users with the ability to select an auto reduce current setting which helps reduce power consumption and motor heat, which improves motor lifetime. Also, the isolation inputs help minimize interference from external electrical equipment as well as improving performance.


■ Stepper driver models


Series Phase Model Peak current Voltage Subdividing number Weight
CM series 2 phase 2CM525 0.3-2.5A 24-50VDC 200-25600 0.25 118X75.5X25.4
2CM545 1-4.5A
2CM560 1.8-6A
2CM860 1.8-6A 24-70VDC
2CM880 2.4-8A 24-70VDC 0.253 118X75.5X34
2CM0870 2.4-7.2A 18-80VAC 400-51200 0.696 151X97.5X57.5
3 phase 3CM880 2.4-8A 24-70VDC 400-25600 0.253 118X75.5X34
2&3 phase CM422B 0.1-2.5A 12-40VDC 200-65535 0.11 93X56X21
CM422C 0.1-2.5A 12-40VDC 200-65535 0.11
CM880A 0.15-8A 24-70VDC 200-65535 0.29 108X75.5X34 (with belt teeth)
CM880B 0.253 118X75.5X34 (with belt teeth)
M series 2 phase 2M412 0.2-1.2A 12-40VDC 400-51200 0.13 76X60X35.2
2 phase Full/half step 2H1160 2.5-6.5A 60-123VAC 200-400 1.77 200X123X86.5
2 phase 2M1180N 4.5-8A 77-123VAC 400-25600 1.5 201X147X66
2M2280N 4.5-8A 220VAC±15% 400-25600
3 phase 3M2280N 2.8-8A 220VAC±15% 400-20000