Power supply :DC24V
Built-in /O points :56 I/O, DI 32*DC24V,DO 24*DC24V,transistor output,
Communication ports :Micro USB2.0, 2*RS485, 1*CAN,1*expansion port
( also be CAN interface at the same time, support CAN free communication).
Connectable expansion modules :Yes, Support KS series expansion modules
Real-time clock :Yes, deviation less than 5 min/month at 25℃
Memory area :User program memory–Max 8K steps;
                             User data memory–M area 4KB,V area 16KB;
                             Data backup characteristic–E2PROM,the last 1K bytes of V area,
                             permanent storage.
                             Data retention characteristic–All V area.Lithium battery,
                             3 years at normal temperature
Installation size :215×90×70.36mm(mm)(L×W×H)


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