Stopper/Separating stops, Electric, Damped

Functional description

The separating stop places one or multiple pallets in a defined position and clears them individually for downstream transport. The stopping process is damped for a gentle deceleration. The lowering movement is carried out by an electromechanical drive. Proximity switches can be employed to identify the upper and lower positions of the stop (in some models already integrated).

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  • gentle deceleration and stopping of pallet through integrated damping system
  • force of impact reduced by up to 95% in comparison to undamped stoppers
  • precise positioning of the pallet through reliable running into the final position and integrated anti-bounce stop
  • high efficiency and low operating costs due to electromagnetic drive
  • low installation cost by eliminating the pneumatic system
  • simple release of material flow (e.g. in setup or reverse mode) by lowering stop plate and anti-bounce stop simultaneously
  • short cycle times through high lowering speed of stop plate



  • mechanical lock in lower position
  • sensors to detect horizontal position of stop plate (damper extended/retracted)
  • sensors to detect vertical position of stop plate (raised/lowered)
  • lowering stroke: 9 mm
  • customer-specific solutions
  • various accessories


Application area

Propelling force, max.: 250 N
Propelling force, min.: 32 N

Damping values


Data Sheet : DEL-630