Wörner Automatisierungstechnik GmbH ranks among the leading international suppliers of stopping and positioning modules in automation technology.

We are an independent, medium-sized company whose culture is characterized by innovation, a close partnership with our customers and a commitment to excellence.

Through our international network, we have stable business relations to reliable distribution partners. We are proud that Wörner products “Made in Germany” are successfully used around the world.

  • Roller stopper

    Roller stopper (1)

    for roller conveyor systems Roller stopper, particularly slim design, for use in roller conveyor systems. No rollers need to be omitted to make room for the stopper.
  • Stopper/Separating stops

    Stopper/Separating stops (52)

    Stopping and clearing of pallets and workpiece carriers Stopper/Separating stops for stopping and precise positioning of one or more workpiece carriers at a stopping point. Variants with integrated damping system for particularly gentle and vibration-free stopping. Release of the workpiece carrier for further transport by lowering the stop. Pneumatically or electrically driven.