Stopper/Separating stops, Pneumatic, Damped

Functional description

The separating stop places one or multiple pallets in a defined position and clears them individually for downstream transport. The stopping process is damped for a gentle deceleration. Proximity switches can be employed to identify the upper and lower positions of the stop.

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  • gentle deceleration and stopping of pallet through integrated damping system
  • force of impact reduced by up to 95% in comparison to undamped stoppers
  • precise positioning of the pallet through reliable running into the final position and no opposing force in the end position



  • lowering stroke: 15 mm
  • single-acting/double-acting (EW/DW)
  • tilt stop (KI), plastic stop (KU)
  • prepared for stop position sensing (S)
  • customer-specific solutions
  • various accessories


Application area

Propelling force, max.: 700 N
Propelling force, min.: 30 N

Damping values


Data Sheet : DBS-1150