1. Rated power range: 60W-2000W
2. Operating voltage range: <1.2kV
3. Rated resistance value: 1R-10kR
4. Dielectric Strength: AC3KV 50Hz/5s
5. IP Grade: IP00/IP33
6. Vibration: 1.5g
7. Range of temperature excursion: ≤400ppm/℃
8. Material of the current carrier: 0Cr25AL5
9. Advantage: It can work in relatively nasty working environment
10. Disadvantage: relatively low operating voltage

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The aluminum enclosure resistor in the RXLG series is superior to the traditional porcelain frame resistor in terms of weather fastness, vibration resistance and safety. It is widely applied in the return circuit of power supply, transducer and servo system and it has high adaptability to bad operating conditions. It can be easily fitted in an airtight manner and additional heat radiator can be fixed to it in an easy way. With elegant appearance, it is an ideal component that is perfectly compatible with power and electronic. Characterized by easy tight installation, easy attachment of radiator and aesthetic appearance, this aluminum enclosure resistor is ideal for the electrical and electronic products.