EAGTOP is specialized in researching, developing and poducing Passive Power Electronics Devices. The main products include AC/DC Reactor, Laminated BusBar, Film Capacitor, liquid Cold Plates, Resistor, Braking Unit, EMC Filter. EAGTOP was authenticated by SQC ISO9001:2008.

EAGTOP is constantly devoted to creating and developing new products, providing our customers with competitive and reliable solutions to their electronic passive device problems in various fields such as Industrial Drive, New Energy, Railway Transportation as well as Power Quality and so on. With customer-orientation as our core value, we never stop to understand customer’s requirements and try hard to make research together with our customers. Besides, we always attach great importance to the user experience of our products so as to bring the greatest value to our customers.

  • BREAKING RESISTOR 300W/200 OHM Quick View
    • BREAKING RESISTOR 300W/200 OHM Quick View

    • 1. Rated power range: 60W-2000W 2. Operating voltage range: <1.2kV 3. Rated resistance value: 1R-10kR 4. Dielectric Strength: AC3KV 50Hz/5s 5. IP Grade: IP00/IP33 6. Vibration: 1.5g 7. Range of temperature excursion: ≤400ppm/℃ 8. Material of the current carrier: 0Cr25AL5 9. Advantage: It can work in relatively nasty working environment 10. Disadvantage: relatively low operating voltage
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