The development and manufacturing of sensors take place in Modena, so M.D. is in full control of all processes, technology and quality. Integrating all support processes allows M.D. to produce high quality sensors efficiently that meet the best in the industry.

The technology, quality and performance of these sensors, that come from a long time being in this sector, are emphasised by a level of service based on quickness and flexibility. The M.D. sensors are known for their robustness and sustainablility, even in harsh conditions.

Core values of Micro Detectors
Strong industrial calling, high technological level, professionality, expertise, enthusiasm, pride, efforts in constant improvement and reacting to professional challenges are the key words that characterise M.D. This is what M.D. wants to guarantee at all times, without any cutbacks. M.D. strives for living up to these values and showing it in their sensors.

Micro Detectors is a company with a clear identity. They call it “the M.D. style” and means the following: People for whom working is a pleasure and a great passion. Not just a need or a duty. Work is an endless challenge, a means to achieve self-realization and create something useful for everyone, both inside and outside our company. People who do not shy away from challenges, but rather take them up with enthusiasm.

Photoelectric sensors from Micro Detectors
The photoelectric sensors from Micro Detectors not only translate the core values into physical products, but are also versatile in design and housing. Cylinder, cube and fork-shaped photoelectric sensors are available in different versions:

. diffuse proximity
. (polarized) retro-reflective
. transmitter and receiver (thru-beam)
. for transparent objects
. with background suppression
. photoelectric laser sensors

The sensors are known for easy installation and alignment, diverse measurement ranges and versatility in outputs and connections.

Ultrasonic sensors from Micro Detectors
Micro Detectors responds to the needs of the industry and shows this in its range of ultrasonic sensors. The sensors from these series can be used in all kinds of applications due to the coverage of different measuring ranges from 300 mm up to 3,500 mm!

The ultrasonic sensors are also available in different versions to get the most out of them: direct diffuse, with reflector and as transmitter and receiver (thru-beam).

In addition, the ultrasonic solutions are enriched with special variants such as the sensors equipped with an ATEX certification for use in the most challenging environments!

Proximity switches from Micro Detectors
Micro Detectors provides solutions that use both capacitive and inductive proximity switches. Where the capacitive proximity switches detect non-metal objects, the inductive proximity switch is a specialist for use with metal objects.

Both types of proximity switches are available in standard housing (ranges up to 20 mm) and miniature housings (ranges up to 2.5 mm). Both inductive and capacitive sensors are available in flush and non-flush mounted versions to enable correct mounting in the right application.

These sensors from Micro Detectors is also equipped with different designs, materials, connections and switching outputs.

  • SS3/0N-0A Quick View
    • SS3/0N-0A Quick View
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    • SS3/0N-0A

    • SKU : FA-DS.SENS.0002 Photo.M18,NPN-NO/NC,Cable,Diffuse M18 DC WITH LATERAL ADJUSTMENT . Models with side sens. adjustment on axial and right angle optic . LO/DO selectable output . ATEX models, cat. 3, available on request . LED status indicator for all versions . Complete protection against electrical damages . IP67 protection degree for all models . Approvals: CE and cULus listed
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