. In the early 1970s, to meet the new
sensor and automation needs of the manufacturing and packaging industry, PhD Romano Volta founded
DATALOGIC in Bologna, and DIELL was born in nearby Modena on the initiative of Prof. Paolo Iori.
. Two parallel and successful stories, like many others in Emilia Romagna which, thanks to these entrepreneurs, their ideas and work have become one of the Italian regions with the highest rate of industrialization, innovation, well-being and economic development.
. DATALOGIC expands with commercial offices in Germany in 1974, in Japan in 1976, and in the US in 1978. DIELL specializes in photoelectric technology, introducing the first M18 sensor in 1977, which will become one of the most popular formats in the world.
. At the beginning of the 80s DATALOGIC develops the new optical barcode reading technology, and begins to create important industrial applications in Europe with the exclusive laser scanners for which it immediately becomes the reference technology leader.
. In 1984 DATALOGIC introduces the first application of a barcode reader in an airport, in Milan – Linate. DATALOGIC opens new research, production and sales offices, and at the end of the decade is present with factories, branches and distributors all over the world.
. DIELL also (continued) to grow, during the 1980s it changed its name to M.D. Micro Detectors, and confirms itself as an important reality of high-tech research, development, and production, expanding its offer with inductive proximity sensors.
. In the 90s, the strategy defined in “Il Punto di Volta” led DATALOGIC to be “an industrial reality with constant and lasting growth, important at an international level, for results, reputation and image” and to enter the portable terminal market.
. In 1991 M.D. Micro Detectors establishes the Spanish branch, Diell Ibérica SA, introducing new capacitive and ultrasonic sensors, area sensors, as well as new photoelectric and inductive sensors on which it also specialized as a manufacturer of “custom” solutions.
. With the advent of the new millennium DATALOGIC has now established itself as a world leader in automatic data acquisition, and in 2001 it is listed on the New Market of the Milan Stock Exchange, continuing its expansion also through various acquisitions.
. From 2001 to 2009 DATALOGIC focused on the sensor market for industrial automation through the new company Datasensor, which introduces new application sensors, the first optoelectronic safety barriers, and innovative vision sensors.
. In 2012, the Chinese company M.D. Micro Detectors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., which extends manufacturing and logistics capabilities into the Asian region. The Spanish branch changes its name to Micro Detectors Ibérica SAU, continuing its growth on the local market.
. 2021 is the year in which DATALOGIC acquires M.D. Micro Detectors and with this operation strengthens its Italian and world presence in the industrial automation market, through the integration of the product portfolio of sensors, safety and machine vision.
. Today, DATALOGIC has 12 R&D centers around the world, over 2,700 collaborators in 30 countries, automatic data acquisition solutions in more than a third of supermarkets and points of sale, and in a third of airports, transport companies and postal services.
. To continue growing in sensors for industrial automation, Datasensing was born in 2021, with over a hundred years of experience, combining two realities that have both passed half a century of life and have made the history of sensors in our country:
. M.D. Micro Detectors, with its wide range of sensors made with advanced product and production process technologies, and DATALOGIC – Machine Vision, Sensor & Safety business unit – with innovative products and a consolidated presence on a global level.

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    • SKU : FA-DS.SENS.0002 Photo.M18,NPN-NO/NC,Cable,Diffuse M18 DC WITH LATERAL ADJUSTMENT . Models with side sens. adjustment on axial and right angle optic . LO/DO selectable output . ATEX models, cat. 3, available on request . LED status indicator for all versions . Complete protection against electrical damages . IP67 protection degree for all models . Approvals: CE and cULus listed
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