ILX is operating in the field of Control and Automation since 1997 with a young and dynamic team. Combining advanced technology with its experienced staff, ILX ENGINEERING today offers solutions to all applications from the lowest level of different automation systems to the highest level of automation control.
ILX responds to the needs of local and international companies with high commitment, knowledge and suppport, which in turn leads to a high level of customer trust.
The main features of the automation systems offered by ILX Engineering are optimizing the resources used in accordance with the changing market conditions, improving economic and technical efficiency, standardizing the quality and keeping the working conditions on a satisfying level. Overall Quality is our basic business principle and working philosophy.
Our policy is to resolve the product and service needs of our internal and external customers with low-cost, error-free and timely performance.
ILX is committed to worker health, work safety and environmental protection and attaches great importance to staff loyality and continuity. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy work environments to our employees and society.

Job Description

As ILX Engineering, we have been serving in the Industrial Automation Sector since 1997.

ILX Audible and Visible Signal Devices (Warning Lights, Aircraft Lights, Illuminated Columns, Tubular Horns, Tower Lights, Solar Lights, Pick-to-Lights, Buzzer) and our New Series of Cam Switches are produced in our ILX Manufacturing Facilities in Istanbul.

We are distributor of world-renowned European and Far-East Brands (Kinco “China”, Siko “Germany”): PLC, HMI, Stepper Motor and Driver, Servo Motor and Driver, Indicators, Encoders, Actuators, Magnetic Sensors and Tapes, Compact Servo Sets, Sensors are some of a numerous Product Variety we distribute.

We highly trust in the efficiency of our team. Our employees are the basis of our success. With continuous training we improve their skills and abilities and we believe that they will use these skills to further development of their working areas. We encourage and reward our employees for their participation and contribution to company improvement.

Team Work

We are a powerful team, combining the common interests and objectives of employees and our organization. We create a winning team spirit by enabling our employees to embrace participation and creativity.


Our main idea of leadership is to develop vision and strategy, focus our employees on targets and provide them with the necessary support to be successful.

Work Ethic

We are aware of the expectations of all people, including customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community. In all our activities, we act in accordance with the ethical principles of business ethics.