RST 56 Signal Tower Light

Double protection, multi-fold safety

Product Benefits

The RST56 was born in 2021, based on customer demand and market direction. RST56 is a one-piece signal tower light with white shade and 2-5 layers available. Unlike conventional signal tower lights, it has an extra layer of transparent protective cover on the outside, which not only enhances the appearance of recognition and aesthetics, but more importantly, strengthens the protection of the signal light and extends its life.

The RST56 is a high performance, multi-functional device that is designed to be used in conjunction with other GIGABYTE products.

The RST56 supports flat, tubular, folding bracket, open thread, and other mounting options that customers can select based on their actual needs. IP66/IP69K protection levels are available for most industrial locations and specific food and pharmaceutical manufacturing packaging applications. The soft yet bright luminescence of the RST56 is sure to be the finishing touch to your instrumentation.

  • Modern look, double-layered lampshade: sophisticated look, enhanced protection, extended life
  • 360°visible, all-around clear light: soft and vivid light effect
  • Adjustable buzzer: Max90dB, dial code to adjust the volume and type
  • Multiple mounting methods: tube, flat, folding bracket, single hole
  • Multiple matching options: 2-5 layers and buzzer optional, flexible matching
  • IP66/IP69K: ultra-high protection level, multi-environmental application

Typical applications

Signal alarms for errors

  • Electronic assembly
  • Inspection
  • Small CNC
  • Non-standard automation equipment

Installation options

  • Flat mounting
  • Cutout mounting
  • Additional mounting options available with accessories

Flyer Download : RST56 signal tower