Cube67 Modular


New standards in automation technology

Cube67 is the modular, distributed I/O system that uniquely combines IP20 and IP67 protection - plug-connected, robust, fully encapsulated. Starting at the bus coupler, the I/O layer spreads radially throughout the application. The hybrid system cable connections for power supply and communication between individual components in the system are rational and clear: Assemble - plug in - that's it!

I/O modules are available for digital, analog, and serial signals, temperature sensing, counters, and valve clusters, drive or operating-panel attachment. The system offers end-to-end, channel-specific debugging right down to the sensor/actuator. The digital channels are freely programmable, so that the M8 or M12 plug position or the signal terminal, for example, can be used as an input or output (multifunctional).

  • Simplified planning.
  • Reduced cost and time of installation.
  • Shorter commissioning.
  •  Simplified troubleshooting.
  • Minimized machine downtimes.


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