AS Interface
Quick and easy to optimize: The basis of automation

The Murrelektronik Actuator Sensor Interface is a simple, low-cost solution for connecting actuators and sensors in the lower field level. The main advantage of the system is ease of assembly and installation, which saves time and reduces the number of errors.

Combined with installation technology, the continuity of MASI provides a continuous solution from control panel to control cabinet to field - from MASI 00/20 to MASI 68/69K - and from IP00 to IP68/69K.

The application-oriented optimization of the modules allows systems to be assembled and expanded> both rapidly and reliably. Installation technology for the control cabinet and in the field is the ideal addition for I/O modules.

  • Rapid installation, easy to start up, optimized service.
  • MASI 00/20 - digital I/O modules optimized for deployment in terminal boxes and control cabinets.
  • MASI 65 - digital I/O modules for any standard installation with IP67 protection.
  • MASI 67/68 - digital I/O modules for more complex applications.
  • TÜV-certified I/O modules with safe outputs for use in safety circuits up to Category 3.