From simple workshop to an international specialist for leading-edge stoppers

In 1965, Helmut Wörner established a small business that was to flourish into what is today one one of the world's leading manufacturers of separating stops for automation.

In fact, the Wörner stopper is today a synonym across the globe for precision and durability.

Our corporate culture is based on innovation, genuine partnership with our customers, and a total focus on quality. And we put theory into practice with a highly skilled workforce, a creative mindset, and a long list of patented ideas. The result is pioneering products that set the bar high in terms of performance, features and longevity.

At our state-of-the-art facilities in Denkendorf, we produce a wide range of standard components that offer cost-effectiveness and proven reliability.

And we create made-to-measure solutions geared to the specific needs of each transfer system.

The result is highly satisfied customers across a wide variety of sectors - including the automotive industry, electronics, medical technology, and cleanroom manufacturing.

Moreover, we have established a global betwork of sales and distribution partners that have helped ensure that Wörner's made-in-Germany products are deployed successfully in all four corners of the world.